Saved by a Digital Safety Net

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Online marketplaces provide billions of dollars in annual value to American small businesses.

$145 Billion
gained in economic value

U.S. SMBs gain $145B in annual value from online marketplaces such as those offered by Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Target, and Walmart, which provide scalable support to grow and sell (2018 estimate).

$96 Billion
by reaching more shoppers

Roughly $96.1B, or 66.2%, of the total economic value is derived from marketing-related benefits – specifically, reaching more shoppers and increasing brand exposure – that online marketplaces provide.

$30 Billion
in cost savings

Provide $30B in cost savings benefits, or 20.5%, of the total economic value added.


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The Connected Commerce Council (3C) is a non-profit membership organization with a single goal: to promote small businesses’ access to essential digital technologies and tools. 3C provides small businesses with access to the market’s most effective digital tools available, provides coaching to optimize growth and efficiency, and works to cultivate a policy environment that considers and respects the interests of today’s small businesses.

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